Filipino Food Buffets

There are many Filipino restaurants in Metro Manila that offer a “buffet style” of eating, like all-you-can-eat priced affordably for everyone to enjoy. The Cabalen, is a Kapampangan inspired restaurant which boasts of almost 50 variety of dishes such as kare-kare, sisig, kilawin,dinuguan and kaldereta to name a few. One of the popular buffet restaurants, they are proud to inform to have 14 branches that can cater to its enthusiasts.

Primero Casa Filipino in Quezon City also has a unique style of serving buffet meals to their guests. The first time you visit the place, you will have a feeling that you are on a fine dining restaurant with all that ambience and expensive place. The setting and atmosphere can be a bit intimidating but who says buffet style can’t be that classy? The variety of dishes is not really that extensive but buffet dining in this place is quite an experience. The quality and taste of Filipino food is such a best seller.

Kamayan restaurant is the original buffet restaurant that offers almost all the favorite Filipino food that you are craving for. For a reasonable price you can eat everything from a variety of main courses to the different desserts that you can think of. Aside from the good food, the staffs are all friendly and accommodating, ready to assist you in al your needs. If you are fond of lechon and ihaw-ihaw’s, then kamayan is the best place for you.

Kamay kainan is also one of the best Filipino buffet restaurants that you have to experience. Food is great, you can choose from a variety of 50 dishes; drinks are bottomless and desserts are really delectable. The price is reasonable and the place looks good and service is dependable.

Lola Maria offers an affordable buffet from a variety of Filipino dishes. The restaurant is also famous of the so-called “celebrity dishes,” which are recipes named after celebrities. Different regional Filipino foods are showcased at the buffet table of Lola Maria’s. If you would like to experience buffet at its best, make Lola Maria’s top of your list.
Delicious and sumptuous dining need not be that expensive anymore. Restaurants that offer buffet style have equally quality and best-tasting food that can be enjoyed by everyone. Choose from a list of these buffet style restaurants and visit the one that suits your taste.


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