Pinoy Appetizers

The Philippines has a very colorful history to boast. With more than a hundred years of external influences brought about by colonization, Filipino food is now being regarded as one of the Philippine culture highlights that attract tourists and locals all the same.  With influences from the Western, European, and neighboring Asian countries, Filipino food is continuing to evolve over the years.

With the growing list of restaurants in Manila, one will have a hard time choosing which one will give the most rewarding gastronomical adventure. From the wide selection of main dishes to scrumptious appetizers and awesome desserts, one will undoubtedly be craving for more.  Starting the food journey with a savory appetizer is a must for this will open the gates for more surprises for your stomach.

Definitely Filipino, Crispy Kangkong is a delicious starter. This simple appetizer made of Kangkong leaves mixed in batter and then fried to crispy perfection is a knock-out to start your feast.  There are a number of restaurants in the metro that serve only the best Crispy Kangkong.

Kinilaw (Raw Fish Salad / Filipino Ceviche)

is also one of the crowd’s favorites. Chunks of raw tuna or dilis are typically cooked in vinegar along with slices of onion and ginger. Coconut milk is sometimes used to give a mind-blowing flavor.  This Visayan recipe is one of the best appetizers the country is proud of.

Pork Sisig

is also a nice starter. Sisig as one of the all-time favorite appetizers of everyone, never fails to jump start a meal. Infused with Filipino’s style of cooking, Pork Sisig is served on a sizzling plate with lots of slices of green chili. You also have an option to use chicken, tuna or bangus/milk fish for a healthier sisig. For a special taste, raw egg and mayonnaise can be added to boost its flavor. Mang Jimmy’s at MWSS Compound, Balara, Quezon City is most frequented for this famed starter.

Pinangat na Laing

Another Filipino appetizer is the Pinangat na Laing. Slices of pork are wrapped inside the gabi or taro leaves and are cooked slowly in coconut milk with ginger, Pinangat is a must try among the wide selection of Filipino appetizers.

Lumpia is another Filipino appetizer popularly found in almost all feasts and restaurants in the metro.  Several varieties of this famed Lumpia is now available such as Fried Lumpia, Fresh Lumpia, and Lumpia Shanghai.  The New Eastern Garden Restaurant in Ongpin, Manila offers the best Lumpia in town.

For an all-out Filipino experience, Kuse is the newest addition to the long list of restaurants in Manila that serves only the best of Filipino cuisine.  More than handful scrumptious dishes from appetizers to main entrees and desserts are available to whet your appetite.  Its ideal location being at the new Piazza in McKinley Hill, this traditional Filipino restaurant has the best Filipino appetizers under its belt.

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